Tel: (704) 820-8694

2129 Charles Raper Jonas Highway,  Mount Holly NC 28120 US


We do a variety of tasks that require a wide scope of skill sets. 

Please list in the message your skills and experience in the industry. Note that our erectors do travel. We try to stay within the surrounding states of North Carolina but out of town work is inevitable as is working at heights! Our Fabricators are also crossed trained with our erectors to meet our goals as needed.

Applicants must complete an application, have driving record checked, and pass a drug screening at our designated facility. Provide drivers license or picture identification and social security card.

No one is stronger than all of us!! 

This is our company motto which translates into team work. We don't have just a welder or just a grinder position. If you are hired, expect to do a huge variety of tasks and never watch any one else work. You will help the team get the job done. We have created a positive, helpful, friendly atmosphere here at Carolina Fab, Inc. and team work is essential.